Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
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Making ideas tangible

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I live for blue sky ideas and bringing them to life.


I’m currently in Chicago, working for IDEO as a Senior industrial Designer.

I'm a curious designer, a thinker who focuses on finding solutions and creating visions to complex problems that are usually bigger than they appear. I think of myself as an explorer, a detective excited to discover insights and jumping on new and different subjects of research where the user is the center the collaborator and the co-creator of innovation.

I Graduated from the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden ( 2014 ) with an MFA in Advanced Product Design, since 2008 my work related to innovation in different fields, from automotive projects to medical devices has been widely published.

10 years of experience showed me that teamwork is all about bringing a project to life and making your team shine, all together. Since joining IDEO in 2014, I’ve collaborated with an Automotive Company to imagine the future of a global mobility, crafted a community engagement strategy with the Centers of Disease Control to prevent the spread of Zika in Puerto Rico, and helped a medical device startup create a state-of-the art robotic surgical tool.

Plus a 3 year personal adventure trying to push the least conventional prosthetic for kids into a global market that left my heart broken and so many learnings on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

I love what I do.