Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
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Envisioning prosthetics as an EMPOWERING tool for kids to be kids



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What if we could change the idea of what disability means for everyone?

IKO is a creative prosthetic system that is meant to build confidence amongst children with physical disabilities through empathy, play and creativity.

This Prosthetic system steps aside from what a traditional prosthetic is. It focuses in bringing a new mindset to the kid in terms of what they are able to do, developing their soft skills and introducing the idea of intelligence and creativity being strong drivers to move forward in life. The main concept of this project is to build and enrich the kid’s self-esteem through a learning, creative and social inclusive experience.

It’s all about kids being kids.


Project duration: 4 months / 2014


Children with disabilities are a large population


But in disability, the physical aspect is not the only thing that really affects this population. The emotional and psychological aspect of their development makes a huge impact in their personality and social life, and usually their social environtment obliges them to mature faster than a kid should.

“Self esteem is not something so easy to build when you are constantly noticed for not being normal”

Soraya Leon, Clinical psychologist, CIREC


Some basic research about prosthetics was obvious. 

Prosthetics Timeline-01.png

This is a brief timeline of the History of prosthetics from my initial research that I made. I was surprised how recursive humanity has been around this matter, also it was eye opening that prosthetics had been modular for a long time !
But what it was really shocking to me was the fact that the only prosthetics for kids I found were merely a shrunk version of a grownup prosthetic. nothing had really changed to that moment back in 2014. things are way different now 🙃

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